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oh my god


But I can’t help, falling in love with you…

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you said you’d come for me when the world
s w a l l o w e d  m e  w h o l e  …

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sometimes i forget that eyesight is a thing meant to last you your entire lifespan

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"I’m really excited about independent cinema. I’m always in a Picture House. I go and see a lot of world cinema. I think a lot of the best scripts are in independent cinema so I’d like to do that."

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b a d w o l f

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a network dedicated to your favourite heroes and villains, antiheros and antivillains, the goodies and the baddies and everyone in between. [basically emma’s making a multifandom network everyone come join the party]


  • mbf the queen
  • reblog to enter - likes won’t count as an entry
  • complete this short survey (important!)
  • must be a multifandom blog - doesn’t matter which fandoms!
  • must have tagging system!

why join;

  • spot on network page & invite to chat - gain new followers, find awesome new blogs
    and most importantly make new friends
  • share your creations in the tag: #heroesandvillainsnet
  • help/support with anything you need
  • see aforementioned party

other info;

  • post must reach 40 notes or *poof*
  • please keep your ask/submit open in case i need to contact you
  • you won’t have to follow everyone in the network, but at least a few people
  • 10 members will be picked at first and a lot more added later (i want to create a pretty big network!)
  • please be friendly to other members and be active in the network
  • any questions please contact the admin

that’s it! go on and reblog! (:

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make the clocks reverse…

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skin has good memory. skin is like the ground we walk every day; 
you can read a whole history in it if you know how to look.
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I just want to be an angel.
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The two of us against the rest of the world…

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birthday mini ta!


  • yay tomorrow’s my birthday (August 28- it’s probably already my birthday where you live because timezones)! i decided to celebrate by doing a mini tumblr awards because it’s my gift to you guys! c:
  • i’ll announce the winners sometime this weekend because i’m super busy with homework and rehearsal and stuff


  • it’d be cool if you were following me but you don’t have to be
  • reblog this!
  • 25 notes or this never happened
  • I’ll probably start going through the notes around 10(ish) pdt friday so you have until then

categories & prizes:

  • best overall, theme, url, and icon
  • winners get screenshot promos and a spot in my updates popup for 2 weeks! c:
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"your url is dashboard... LOVE IT!"

thanks friend